FILM Das Retirée or the last house of my father

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My first feature middle length film : DAS RETIRÉE OR THE LAST HOUSE OF MY FATHER.

A daughter asks her father to draw Das Retirée, the never built house he designed before he retired as an architect. While he’s drawing, a conversation unfolds in which Das Retirée is presented as a place of serene distance where difficult conversations can be had. As they start building an architectural model of the house, the film itself becomes this retreat: the safe space in which father and daughter talk about subjects for which there seems to be no place in everyday life.

Written and directed by Julie Pfleiderer in fine collaboration with Luca Mattei
Shot by Thomas Schira
Edited by Luca Mattei
Sound recorded by Jörg Kidrowski, Julia Hübner
Music & sound design by Simonluca Laitempherger
Postproduction by Sondr
Produced by Stephen Dhoedt Visualantics & Daan Milius Video Power

With the support of VAF Flemish Film Fund, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW & Stimuleringsfonds